Adopt an orange tree

We will grow your own oranges in our fields

Do you want to become a farmer 2.0?

Adopt a tree that we will grow for you with great affection, always following our values of ecological and sustainable agriculture

Choose when to harvest and we will pick the oranges for you. You can do it from your private area throughout the season

We will ship the oranges the same day they are picked from the tree to ensure that you can enjoy the best flavor and quality


You can adopt a whole tree and you will receive 80 kilos of the total production during the season, or adopt it jointly


20 Kg


40 Kg


60 Kg


80 Kg


25 €


40 €


60 €


80 €


Remember that you can also give your oranges to family or friends indicating their address at the time of scheduling the shipment

It sure will make a great surprise!


The logistics cost includes the cost of collecting and preparing the orange for shipment and the same shipment to your home

Receive your oranges throughout the season when you choose

You can program orders from 10 kilos to 80 kilos of your entire harvest. You decide when and how many kilos to receive.


As a general rule, you can store your oranges at home without spoiling for around 3-4 weeks, as long as they are kept in a cool and dark place.




In favour of ecology and the rational use of resources in Llaurat we are also committed to the 0km product. Therefore, if you have the opportunity and wish, you can come yourself to our field to pick your oranges by making an appointment through our contact form.


Check the field notebook





Can I visit my tree?

Of course! We will be delighted that you come to see our fields and be able to show you your tree. For this, it is necessary that you notify us through the contact form so that we can organize your visit at least 7 days in advance.

What costs does my orange tree have?

Adoption cost: The moment you adopt a tree you can see what the annual cost of caring for and watering it will be. Depending on whether you reserve 1/4 (20kg), 1/2 (40kg), 3/4 (60kg) or the entire harvest (80kg), the maintenance cost will be € 25, 40, 60 or 80. Each season, the same amount that you had reserved will be renewed automatically unless you want to change it.

Logistics costs: these are the costs associated with the human, material and transport resources necessary for the oranges from your tree to arrive at the address you indicate at all times. This also includes the costs of the box, packing material and transport to take the oranges from our orchard to your home.

These costs can vary from one year to another because they depend on the rates of logistics providers, the CPI and salaries.

Can I cancel the adoption?

Of course. To do this you just have to enter your account and cancel it from the “Adoptions” tab. If you do not wish to continue maintaining your tree, it will pass into our hands so that we can continue to take care of it. If you ever want to resume your adoption, we will do everything possible to award you the same tree.

What if I don't consume the entire harvest?

We are committed to keeping the entire harvest for you throughout the season so that you can order it until the fruit is on the tree. The longer it is in the tree, the sweeter and richer it will be, although if we hold it too long it can spoil.

We will not be able to save the harvest from one season to the next, but we will remind you by email of the time limit each season so that no orange remains on the tree.

With the oranges that we have left on the tree at the end of the season we make different donations, so you too as a Llaurat farmer will be collaborate with this social commitment.

How do I get the adoption certificate?

If you have fully adopted your tree, you can choose the name with which we will identify it. Send us a message through the contact form on our website indicating the name and date of adoption.

With the first harvest order of the season you will receive a certificate with the most relevant data as well as the location. Remember you can come visit us whenever you want.

How many oranges does an orange tree produce?

Our orange trees produce an average of 80kg each season. They could produce more but our goal will always be to get the best flavor and not the maximum amount. You can adopt the entire crop or do it in a shared way.

How long is the adoption?

The adoption lasts one year, automatically extendable in annual periods. The same day you made the adoption, the annual maintenance renewal will be carried out in the following and subsequent years. From your account you can cancel it and change your adoption option whenever you want.

Can I change my adoption option?

Of course. You can modify the adoption option to receive the following season more or less kilos, as you decide. To do this, you just have to enter your account and from the “Adoptions” tab, cancel the existing one and make a new one.

When can I order my oranges?

After completing the adoption, if we are within the collection period, you will be able to order your oranges from the “Harvests” tab in your account. Choose the boxes you want to harvest and when to receive them. The harvesting period usually goes from December to March.

Zero Kilometer?

In favor of ecology and the rational use of resources in Llaurat we also bet on the product of Km zero. Therefore, if you have the opportunity and you wish, you can come to our field to pick your oranges. We will give you the needed boxes so that you can transport your harvest comfortably.


How long does it take for my orders to arrive?

At the time of ordering you can choose the approximate delivery day. We cannot guarantee 100% the day of delivery as we depend on nature and circumstances, such as rain, may delay the day of collection and scheduled shipping.

When it rains, we cannot harvest the orange since it is a seasonal fruit, freshly collected and without preservation treatments, the humidity makes the skin go bad faster. On rainy days we must wait not only until the rain stops, but until the fruit dries completely to be able to collect it. We want you to receive the oranges in the best conditions.

Can I know where my order is?

Once the order leaves our farm, the transport company is in charge of managing the delivery. Depending on the country of destination, we use the carrier that has shown us the best quality of service.

When we deliver your package to the carrier, you receive an e-mail with the tracking number of your order. With this number you can see the status of your shipment in real time.

Can I send to different addresses?

Of course, there is no problem. Every time you place an order, you can choose an address. It can be yours or that of a friend or that of a family member or that of a co-worker. Whoever you want.

To send boxes to different addresses, you have to place several different orders.

Problems with your order?

If you notice that your package has been tampered with during transport, or has arrived damaged, please send us a photograph without opening it, just as you received it. In addition, it is essential to record this to the carriers when you sign the delivery.

If you miss any product, contact us and we will do everything possible to find a quick and effective solution.


How do I order?

From the website you can choose the product and the quantity you want and it will automatically be added to your basket. You have to add the delivery address, choose an approximate delivery date and enter your payment details.

What payment methods are available?

We currently offer 2 payment methods: card (debit or credit) and bank transfer.

At this time we cannot accept cash on delivery payments.

Can I test the products?

We cannot send trial products. Most of our customers know us through family and friends who give them to try our products.

Furthermore, one of our objectives is to protect the environment and avoid sending very small quantities as far as possible. Any shipment not only has to compensate for the economic issue but also that the environmental cost of packaging and transport is in line with our philosophy.

Transportation philosophy

For us, being organic is not only reflected in the way we grow, but also in the way we ship our products, the quantities and the material used.

Orders travel directly from origin to the address indicated by the customer. In this way we get them to travel the fewest kilometers possible in the shortest possible time. We group several orders to send them at the same time and we use spaces in scheduled transport routes. We do not store fresh produce, we collect the fruit from the trees on request on the same day of shipment or a little earlier if we anticipate that it will rain.

Our cardboard boxes are made of reusable material. We do not use plastics to protect our products.



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