Give an orange tree

Choose country

Now you can give an orange tree to your family or friends. A gift that surely makes you very excited. They can visit it whenever they want, and enjoy, of course, its harvest each season.

You can choose to give the adoption for a season, or give the adoption with harvest costs included. If you decide to give the costs of harvest, you need to choose the country of the harvest will be sent.

How does it work?

Before completing the purchase you can choose sending the gift coupon to your email, or sending it directly to the person you want to give the gift to:

  • Enter the email of your family or friend.
  • The message you want us to send you.
  • And choose between sending it to him at the moment, or later, choosing the exact date and time you want us to notify him, for example for his birthday.

Your friend will receive an email with the coupon 🤗 and only need to create Llaurat account and complete the adoption to become a new farmer 👩🏼‍🌾.

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