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Reserve one of the 82 clementines that we have planted and that we will start harvesting in November 2024.

Cultivation method

Grown naturally without the use of pesticides or herbicides. We try to foster an ecosystem where there is a balance of insects and minerals in the soil.

Harvest and shipping period

November January


With your support, we will take care of your clementine throughout the year so that in November you can order your harvest. For each tree you adopt you will be able to harvest 40 kg of clementines.


Reservation cost: The reservation cost will be €5, although in reality it does not represent a real cost, since when you complete your adoption they will be deducted from the adoption cost.

Adoption cost: The adoption cost will be €60, an annual cost with which we can maintain your clementine throughout the year so that by the time the harvest season arrives you can harvest up to 40kg of clementines.

Logistical costs: The logistic costs of clementine adoptions will be the same as those of orange tree adoptions. Includes the cost of collecting and preparing the fruit for shipment and the same delivery to your home. You can check them directly from here.

Clementines Clemenules

Clementines of the Clemenules variety are very juicy, sweet and easy to peel. It is an authentic variety from Valencia that was born in Nules, a Valencian town with a long tradition in the cultivation of citrus. Today the "clemenules" variety is considered by experts as the best mandarin in Valencia due to its magnificent flavor. You can find some seeds although it is not usual.


You can schedule your harvest in the orders you choose to receive them throughout the orange harvest season. For example you can program 10 kilos for November, December and January. You choose the orders, dates and quantities. The minimum order will be 10kg. Remember that you can also send your harvest to family and friends. It's sure to be a big surprise!


In favor of ecology and the rational use of resources, at Llaurat we are also committed to the Km 0 product. You can take advantage of your trip to spend a day in our field and pick up your clementines. We will provide you with the boxes so that you can comfortably take the harvest home. Our house is yours too.

Timeline 📆

June 2023: Reserve your clementine 🌳
April 2024: Complete your adoption 📃
November 2024: Receive your first harvest! 🍊

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