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Orange trees of the Navelina variety grown in our fields. You will adopt a tree in full production that we will take care of it for you throughout the year.

Way of grow
Naturally grown without the use of pesticides or herbicides. We try to foster an ecosystem where there is a balance of insects and minerals in the soil.

Collection and shipping period

You can choose between 4 adoption choices. If you adopt it individually, you will receive the entire harvest, 80 kilos, throughout the season in as many orders as you choose. You can also adopt it in a shared way for 20 kilos, 40 kilos and 60 kilos.

Navelina oranges
The oranges ripen on the tree until the day of shipment so you can enjoy the authentic taste of the orange. We collect them by hand, one by one. We do not apply wax or any post-harvest treatment. It is an orange that is easy to peel and with a large amount of juice. You can eat it directly or make a magnificent orange juice. As a general rule they do not contain seeds.

Conservation of oranges
2-4 weeks if you store them in a cool, dry and airy place. The oranges are collected and shipped directly without any preservation treatment. If one of them gets bad, it is advisable to put it aside so that it does not infect others.

Once you have adopted your orange tree, you can schedule your harvest in the orders you choose to receive throughout the orange harvest season. For example you can program 20 kilos for November, December, January and February. You choose the orders, the dates and the quantities. You can check logistic cost here.


In favor of ecology and the rational use of resources in Llaurat we also bet on the Km 0 product. You can take advantage of your trip to spend a day in our field and pick up your oranges. We will provide you with the boxes so that you can comfortably take the harvest home. Our house is yours too.

Give an orange tree

If you are thinking of a gift for a family member or friend, you can do it directly from the following link. It sure can be a big surprise.

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