I would like to start by thanking all the people who have been part of Llaurat’s history in this 2021-22 season. To all the farmers, family and friends, carriers and all the people who have made an order from our field. Thank you so much everyone.

We are already 257 farmers from different parts of Europe including Spain, Germany, Netherlands, France, United Kingdom, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Ireland and Bulgaria. This is something that makes us very excited because we never imagined having the trust of so many families.

In our social collaboration we ordered 120 natural fiber bags. We used part of them to our solidarity Christmas Challenge, others you have purchased directly on the web. With this action, on the one hand, we avoid the use of single-use plastic bags. On the other hand, the entire price of the bag goes directly to the association Aspromivise. An association that seeks to promote social integration, where young people with special abilities work.

We donated more than 1100 kg of oranges to local food banks from remaining harvests, from some trees that still do not have their farmer and from others that we have reserved for the family in our field.

Of course everything has not been joy and there have also been things that we must improve. Errors that we will try to correct in the next season.

Logistics represents a great challenge. At the moment, due to the small volume of shipments that we still make, we subcontract the entire transport service from the field to your home. To decide which service to choose, we take into account different aspects such as the delivery time to each postal code, the quality of the service, the optimization requirements to reduce the environmental impact and the cost itself.

Although 98.9% of the orders have arrived on time and without incident at their destination, we have observed some specific problems. For us, each package is very important, because we know that behind each order there is a family that hopes that their harvest arrives in the best conditions. That is why we will continue looking for the best alternative in each case, giving a quick and personalized response, to ensure that all incidents are resolved satisfactorily.

Packaging is another aspect to which we pay the most attention. From our first season we had it clear. No plastic seals or other single-use items that are difficult to recycle, or that could end up polluting the natural environment. We bet on a paper seal with an ecological adhesive that seems to us to be a good choice.

As for the design of the boxes, it is not an easy task. We want to ensure that the harvest arrives safely, and for this we need quality cardboard, but also one that is respectful of the environment. That is why we want not only because it is recyclable but also that it comes as far as possible from recycled material. So we will continue to search and always choose the best alternative based on these premises.

Season 2022-23?

We have a surprise that we will share with you shortly. As a clue we can tell you that soon we will be able to enjoy a new fruit in our fields.

As for the future of Llaurat, our goal is to continue growing hand in hand with a more humane sales model based on regenerative cultivation. Achieving an economic balance that allows us to continue developing this project, not only reducing the environmental impact of our activity but also turning it into a positive one. All this without forgetting different social actions that, as far as possible, contribute to us being able to live in a fairer world for all.

What is happening now in the field?

The tree is taking a little rest time before starting the vegetative period. In about 2 weeks, we will be pruning to shape the orange trees and remove the oldest branches. Shortly after they will start to take out new shoots from which the flowers will come out, and in approximately 4-5 weeks the orange trees will be full of flowers.

Remember that you can come visit us whenever you want.

We will be happy to welcome you in the field!

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