Although we know that it is not easy to carry out sustainable development, we are convinced that it is a necessity if we want to continue enjoying our planet as we know it now, because our actions in the present will shape our future.

In Llaurat we cultivate small fields of oranges in Valencia, located on irrigated land, thanks to the river water that flows naturally through centuries-old pipes.

A small farm that has belonged to our family for many years, where the work is carried out manually, or with the help of small tools. From harvest to tillage.

These types of fields are very characteristic of the Valencia area, but unfortunately, they are no longer being cultivated due to the difficulties involved in competing in the market with large farms.

Many of these large farms are located in Mediterranean forest land, favoring deforestation. In addition, due to their location, elevated and far from access to water, they require the construction of new pipelines, ponds and wells to carry water from irrigated areas with the help of electric or combustion motors, to these new farmlands. in forest areas. To all this we must add the great environmental impact caused by the over-exploitation of aquifers due to the new water demand from these new irrigated fields.

Our objective is to make known the traditional irrigated fields, to avoid the proliferation of this type of exploitation in Mediterranean forest areas.

It is not an easy task, but we are sure that if we grow and consume with an ecological conscience, we can enjoy a better future on Earth.

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